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Beef Producers:
Learn to Increase Profits

BOZEMAN -- Cattle ranchers struggling with low prices and high costs now have a new source of help: "The Beef Book," from the Montana State University Extension Service.

"The Beef Book: 20 Ways to Cut Costs and Boost Profits" contains over 80 pages of tips and techniques for beef producers, covering everything from feeding and nutrition to marketing. The book includes some of the most popular strategies from Beef: Questions and Answers, MSU Extension's fall newsletter, as well as new and updated information on managing a successful beef operation.

Authors of "The Beef Book" include MSU Extension agents and specialists, as well as other livestock experts from Montana State University.

"The Beef Book" contains chapters such as How to Reduce Winter Feed Costs, Using Cross-bred Cows to Increase Profits, and Choosing Cost-Effective Protein and Energy Supplements. In addition, the book shows ranchers how to make extra money with less-traditional activities, such as fee-hunting enterprises, used-equipment sales and dude ranch vacations.

To visit a Web page with more information about "The Beef Book," click here.

To obtain a copy of "The Beef Book," (#EB142) see your Montana county Extension office or send $6.95 plus $1.95 handling to: MSU Extension Publications, 115 Culbertson Hall, Bozeman, MT 59717. Credit card orders may call: (406) 994-3273 or find out how to order via web email.


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