The Reality of the Situation



Rural Singles Group May Be What You Are Looking For  

We recently received this correspondence and run it in its entirety since want to help out any way we can. Members are invited to send us pictures taken at activities that we can run so our readers who have not yet made it to one, can get a preview and see a little glimpse what they are like.


The Reality of the Situation

Today when we turn on the television we see such reality shows as Survivor, American Idol, Bachelor and the list goes on. Well, what about reality of a single person, who has an agriculture background and is lonely, needing a companion or special friendships. Where do they look for their needs, not on TV, maybe such internet sites as, but that is just a temporary fix? Sitting long hours at a computer may temporarily take away some of the loneliness, but by no means does it solve the problem in the long run. The reality we must face is we have to leave our farms, homes and get out of our safe zone and go out and find that special someone. So where should they go you ask? 

Singles In Agriculture, nickname of SIA, was formed in the mid-1980s after a single farmer sent a letter to Farm Journal magazine expressing the difficulties of meeting single women interested in a rural lifestyle. His letter prompted Farm Journal staff writer Meg Gaige to pen several articles on the social lives of single farm people. In one of her columns, Gaige asked single readers to send in their name, address and a 50-word biography. The national magazine received more than 2,700 responses.

We are a national agriculture singles group that is made up of farmers, ranchers and agriculture related occupations and backgrounds. So the reality is we are the oldest agriculture singles group in America. We have 12 chapters in 16 states and just celebrated our 21st convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, where we had singles from 17 states present. We have 3 large national events a year and than each chapter has events regularly in their states. We do a wide range of activities, barn dances, canoeing, barbecues, water tank rides , scav enger hunts, dancing, bowling and various agriculture and regular tours, just to name a few. With this group, if you are one who can travel you can go to activities in such states as Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Tennessee, Indiana and Ohio as I have done while as a member of SIA. June 8-10th there is an large event in Yukon, Oklahoma. The next national event will be July 12-15th in Morton, Minnesota. 

We have had a lot of success in our 21 years as a singles club. We have married off many singles. They become what we call "Singles No More" and move into our extended arm of our organization. As a "Singles No More" they can attend any event, or host an event and they even can participate in local chapter governing. We develop such friendships over the years; getting married does not mean you are excommunicated. 

Back to the reality, when these farmers attend an activity they automatically become a family member. The ice breaker for us all is how was your corn yield this year? Or maybe it is the price of beef or what kind of tractor do you have? Instantly, one is comfortable and there is a bond that develops. Rural life is reality, but loneliness does not have to be as long as there is an organization called Singles In Agriculture. 

Here is our website, which has the details of what is going on in each of our state chapters and on the national level. 

I just had to write to you to tell you what I see is the "Reality of the Situation" and ask you if your media source could help in anyway to get the word out to those lonely singles that need "Singles In Agriculture" in their lives. I believe today with the difficult times facing farmers that your publication and Singles In Agriculture should bond together to help the farmers anyway we can. I think the future depends on pulling together and achieving harmony and productivity for the future of agriculture and everyday farming life. 

Thank you and hope we can work together in the future of farming. 


Lindy Hall 
National Board of Directors
Singles In Agriculture
305 Lindenhurst Dr. #1007
Lexington, KY 40509

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